Wednesday, November 12, 2008

heyy heeyyy♥

y are boys so gay..? lol.. so i have had this friend for awhile and i meet him during the summer but now were dating.. =] and i think that im begginging to really like him lol and yeah i know that i talk about a lot of guys on here but i feel that i have to have a guy to talk to and i rluy like him so yeahh.. ok well he has a little bit of anger problems lol..?
but i think we both do.. haha
and i jsut like his family like alot like were close.. cause they alll understand me well and idk we all jsut get along.. and i rly like they fact that we can get along.. he has been a good friend to me and i just like the fact that we can be there for eachother i know i say thjat i want to be with someone for a long time but this one i do..
and yeah theres times when we dont talk and its cause hes mad trust me you dont wnat to mess with this kid when hes mad..! =s it gets kinda scary lol
the medicine that hes on has gotten him to be really skinny and hes gotten longer hair now,..
i think hes just adorable and my mom likes him lol they play jokes on eachother all the time
she told me the other day that she just new that we were going to get back together... lol
and that just made me blush and when he came to my house at 430 in the morning and tried to wake me up [[which that didnt work]] lol he gave me a kiss on my forehead. .i wnat a guy that can just cuddle with me and not try to do anything with me because there not going to get anything out of me so i dont know why they try. i think boys like that are just full of themselves and dont even care and thats not what i want,. and hes not like that and it makes me so happy..
i dont want ppl going around thinking im a slut bcuz im not..!!!!!!
i just dont want a guy that all he wants is to get down my pants or to have sex and then when they try i tell them to kick rocks bud bcuz obviously your not the one for me.. =] well i think enough is said about that and when i get my other pictures on ill show you a befor and after picture of what he looks like and hes so cute..=] ♥ love you B R A D L E Y JAY H U N T..<33.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

my hero;;; :)♥

[[hes like my brother i have known him ever since i was 3 and ever since then its been awesome we had some fun times..
and i hope hes safe.. we love you bub

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

i had a pretty good day today

it rained today..:)

so.. my day was good today i guess..
i broke up with zach yesterday.. =] [[he was annoying i think]] &gay :)
but anyway.. we got to go to tower and i guess it was fun.. ok so
it sprinkled on the way there and i was iffy.. about if anyone was there or not..
but then my ex-boyfriend was there..
eeehh...any way he finally left. thank god..
anyway.. i kinda like to be single.. =]
i enjoy it.. cause if people flirt with yuo you cant get in trouble for it cause
you have a freedom to do whatever.. as long as your not dramatic about it. lol

tower was.ok i guess.
it wsa raining a lot but we were pretected by the tree.. which mom doesnt think so
because we came home soking wet.. =] hehe
but thats only because dane. [[cutie]]
chased me out in the parking lot sorta thing. and got me all wet. and stomped in puddles that splashed and thats how lexi ended up getting wet.
then we came home. and mom was a little upset that we came home soaked but it was raining on the wat back too.. so
anyway we came home and got into some dry clothes and got warm slipper socks on..
we layed on our big comfortable couches. and got our books that we just started to read yesterday.. anyway. we started to read those and then super was done. well it was a bunch of different stuff i guess it was good.
a little different but heyy u always gotta try stuff once.
and then we finshed out little meal and me and gabbi then layed back and read some more of my book its kinda interesting. i have to make the decisoins on what happenes in here life or not. its cool.
eeewww tomarrows school i hate it. school is gay.. well the school i go to
i hate lincoln i dont like the teachers or anything.
icant telly uo one teacher i like besides mrs. labor and she isnt even a teacher. shes a helper for the more mental kinda well not mental but they need help on their work cause they dont understand it very well.
anyway i think that she is the only one i like.
well and the sub that we had the other day he was so hot. he's 23. he is dark and he has beautiful eyes. to bad he has a girlfriend. lol no not really hes to old for me but he is really cute.. :) ♥

anyway guys arent my problem this second school is.
i am trying so hard not to get in trouble its not even funny
its not cool anymore because the teachers know what buttons to push to get me agervated. but thats ok cause if i let them beat me then there going to win all the time..!
well that was my day today pretty gay huh.? =[

Monday, October 6, 2008

boy problems.. :S

boys are so gay..!

okay i dont understand why everyboy is liek that there so nice
to you then there completley jerks.. i just dont get it
you know what i dont care either cause i dont think i like
him anymore theres more fish in the sea and im a pretty girl.
and i can do so much better then him. :) so
you know what forget that.. he's ugly anyway..! =] lol
anyway.. i think that its just fun to be single and cause you can do whatever you
want and you cna flirt with whoever you want.. but im not an over boared whore..!

omg..! i got to see one of my best friends deanna today we used to hang out all the time she stayed with me for like a month in a half straight.. it was so awesome.. =]
i love her to death we were inseprible. but now ever since i moved were not that close i mean we love eachother to death we just dont hang out as much. cause shes all the way on the other side of town.. and its just really hard to go see her cause we go to different schools and stuff.. idk its just really hard. anyway i used to see her all the time when i lived with my mom.
this is my girl and gabbi..! =] were so hot. =]
anyway i love this girl tp death.. i love all of my girls to death..
there so amazing.. and we have an awesome time together...
were so crazy were so out going and we.....are the most amazing people there are.[[not really but hey we can dream right]]..?

okay so here coming soon is HALLOWEEN.. and i can not wait.
i want me and a whole bunch of my friends to go out and have a great time..
thats how i want it to be this year cause every other year it pretty much suxed..!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

my <33. boyfriend. <33. & random stuff

well i am going out with a guy named zach.. he is adorable in my eyes. i really don't care what other people have to say about him cause i think he is a great guy. he warms me when im cold. he says the cutest things and he's just really amazing..! =] how we met was at tower.. i was scared to get to know him at first. but then i got to know him and hes a really great guy. hes just really sweet.

anyway.. i kinda got in a food fight.. well... lets just say he was throwing cheese and a spoon at me so i threw cheese and got caught. now i have to eat away from my friends till tomarrow how gay.. omg.! this week went by so fast i cant believe it.
it kinda feels like its a tuesday maybe wednsday..
i have no idea what are plans are for this weekend baiely wants us to stay with her but idk about that and if not then i think that i might go to my moms.. who knows i just dont want to be bored like i was last weekend well take that back lol i wasnt bored i had a lot of fun auctually besides falling lol. =] it hurt.. i cant wait till halloween... we are going to have so much fun on halloween omg.! i can't wait..
wow.. i want to remember this halloween forever i wish it could be the best one ever.
i just hope. and i want to stay with breanne on halloween cause i havent hung out with her in forever and we always have fun intertaining eachotehr at the house. =] \
well i think thats all i got to say other then i want my boyfriend zach to meet my moms 2 marrow.. =] wish i hope he will.. =] lol

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

my besties and boys..! :)

well im sure that you've heard alout about my best friend gabbi and how were always together well.. it's the truth well tomarrow she has a game and i don't know if i really want me to go it just seems like its going to be so boring cause theres going to be no one there..! ggrrr..
but unfortinatley i think that im going to go because its her first game and i want to be there to support her like im always there for her.:)
as you know most cheerleaders are big preps but not me and gabbi were pretty much the fun girls in our school and everyone knows us by our names even when we were 7th graders. hehe
well the cheerleaders can be pretty annoying and she really doesn't get along with them, nore do i..! so i think that im going to go for her. [[oh and i really dont like her new cheer coach, her old one was so much cooler. idk why though]].
anyway the games 2marrow and like i said boring duhh no ones going to be there so im going to be in the hot by myself gross..! but enough about cheerleading i wanna talk a little about my boy problems right now. hehe

well there's this boy that i used to date awhile ago like when i was in 7th grade and everyone new him as a player but to me he didn't cheat on me or flirt with girls or anything its like he changed for me.. idk but now i guess that he really lieks me again and gabbi has srt with him and supposibly he was crying over me yeah yeah.. lol
but he's been writing me really adorable notes. and way idk if i like him again though i mean i do but i don't idk what to do.
well me and gabbi go to tower everyday pretty much and there is this guy that i thnk that i really like... but i have no idea if i want to tell him or have gabbi see if he likes me or not.. gggahh i think im going to loose my mind.. lol
well its a teenage life. and is really really hard. :s. well me and gabbi always have eachothers backs. and we talk about everything with eachother thats what i love about her.

chloe- my other sister is really cool..! and i lvoe her to death she has a lot of drama in highschool eewww i so dont want to go there..! :(
she id really pretty dont mess with her ill hurt you..! :) hehe.
well i think thats my blog for tonight even though theres so much more to talk about im really tired..! ill update you soon, :)
-[L] e [X] i-

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

about me:

well for starters my naes lexi if you can't already tel.. =]
i have an A M Z I N G family and friends. :)
i am living with my best friend that i have know ever since i was 3.
shes one of my best friends even though were more like sisters.:)
yeah i admit she can get a little crazy at times but heyy who doesn't..?
we don't go anywhere withought eachother thats how hooked on eachother. :)

i am pretty fun to hang out with and i can be easy to get along with
as long as you dont get in my way. :)
i am really random at times and i love everyone and im a pretty much a reasonable person. put it this way im an average teenager.
that is in love with boys but hates drama..

my second family is really amazing..! :)
we have so much fun together and we do a whole bunch of stuff together..! it's
a great time this is my second family..

R.I.P. braxton charles grandstaff in loving memory your missed kid..
i recently lost a best friend to a horrible incodent. it really suxed. :(
i loved him to death. we hung out all the time and he was an amazing kid.! we miss you kid..! =s. forever and always..:)